Microdosing Coaching


Microdosing with a coach


Are you interested in microdosing but you don’t want to do it by yourself, or are afraid you are doing it wrong? Or maybe you are looking more for a therapeutic kind of microdosing? In all of these cases we would like to introduce you to Alicia Vera Garcia from The Microdosing Coach.


Alicia is an experienced microdosing coach. As one of the first coaches in the Netherlands, she coaches people who want to use psychedelics to achieve a more fulfilling and meaningful life. She believes that psychedelic are turn signals that can point you in the right direction, give you many insights and can make you more aware of your patterns, thoughts and habits.


Under Alicia’s specialised therapeutic guidance you will learn to extract the most out of your microdosing and by doing so also out of yourself! 


Alicia is available for hourly coaching on both microdosing and psychedelic tripping. She also conducts regular four week courses where you will receive lessons from an experienced microdosing coach, receive a microdosing kit and join in on three group sessions where you and the rest of your group will meet for therapeutic support. These meetings will serve as a catalyst towards your goal. This course will aid you on your path towards personal and spiritual growth.


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