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Dive into the rich heritage of the Mayan civilization while enjoying the unparalleled quality and divine taste of ceremonial cocoa steeped in mucuna pruriens, rose petals and vanilla powder. Made with the greatest care and respect for tradition.



100 grams of ceremonial cocoa, mucuna pruriens, rose petals, vanilla powder.



Step 1: Choose your dosage 1 bag contains 100 grams 5-10 normal drink portions of 10-20 grams each 2-3 powerful ceremonial doses of 33.3-50 grams each

Step 2: Add warm liquid to water (vegetable) milk *oat milk is recommended herbal tea (do not cook the liquid, otherwise you lose most active ingredients)

Step 3: Mix / whisk. The cocoa is already potently spiced- feel free to add other sweeteners / herbs / spices of your choice.



100% pure ceremonial grade cocoa from the old Mayan area. Cocoa is considered a holy plant in ancient Mayan area. The indigenous Mayan people have been using cocoa for thousands of years as a plant drug for the physical, mental and spiritual body. To this day, the amazing health and spiritual benefits are honored worldwide.

The ceremonial grade cocoa from Herbal Cacao comes from native Maya tribes from southern Belize. The cocoa tree, also called "Cucu", is a national tree in their community and is perfectly in harmony together with pineapple, vanilla and tobacco trees, which give the subtle tones to this fine-tasting and rare cocoa bean. Everything on their country is grown naturally / organic and in biodiversity, which creates the perfect conditions for cocoa to thrive.

The indigenous Mayan family farmers pass on their knowledge about the holy plants generation to generation and harvest their cocoa with deep respect for "La Madre Tierra", which stimulates biological and sustainable agriculture in their community. In order not only to protect this rare type of cocoa (which is threatened by large cocoa cooperatives), but also to protect the life of the indigenous Maya families and support organic and sustainable cocoa, a high price is paid for these special cocoa beans. 100% pure, biologically certified, fair, premium ceremonial grade cocoa of the highest quality.

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