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About Marley Collie

“Collie” was the standard slang-word for cannabis in Kingston, Jamaica, during Bob Marley’s youth. Impressed by meeting Rita Marley at a cannabis event, breeders crossed some great Jamaican collie with a Maple Leaf relative as a tribute to the Marley family. “Marley” is a big name to live up to in the ganja world.

Marley Collie is capable of growing both indoors and outdoors. This strain is ideal for the sea of green growing due to its huge central bud and light branching. Placing it in a greenhouse or in a hydroponic setup is also good. The buds itself a very rich in resin and has a lot of hair. Its leaves are dark green when mature.

Marley Collie has a sweet aroma with some musky undertones owing to its Afghan lineage. The effect gives when smoked is relaxing buzz than is good for peaceful moods.

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