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White Dwarf - Magic Seeds - AUTOFLOWERING

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White Dwarf is an autoflowering variety with pervasive scent and sweet flavour which comes up from the crossing of  2  indica’s.  Then using the autoflowering genes of the ruderalis to produce the ultimate in autoflowering dwarfs.  You can have these under 24 hours of light with NO need to switch lighting during the photoperiod.

White Dwarf  blooms in 2 months after showing regardless of photoperiod. Such thing makes it perfect for early crops.  Besides that, it is a small-sized discreet plant which can grow up away from the onlookers. The aroma and taste are earthy and musty and the hit is all you could expect from an Indica; dreamy and lethargic and great for unwinding.

White Dwarf resistance and short cycle reduce the chances of having problems during its growth, this variety it is a safe bet for beginners.

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