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The All Day Energy Gummies from Yumi deliver a large part of the daily required vitamins. They include vitamins A, B3, B8, C, D and E. A package contains 60 gummies, sufficient for a month. 

Paul Stamets Stack

When following a stacking protocol your combining because of the entourage effect it will give you to improve the cognitive functions. They support each other. Niacin (B3) combining with our Brain fitness Microdosing and Lions Mane. Vitamin B3 is part of the vitamin B complex and is also known as niacin.

Vitamin B has several tasks, it:

supports your energy level
is good for your nervous system
is important for your skin and mucous membranes
is good for your memory
helps with fatigue

The gummies are easy to take and have a fruity orange flavor. Yumi is based on natural colors and flavors, gluten-free, palm oil-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

  • Chewable vitamin Gummies with vitamins A, B3, B8, C, D and E
  • Daily dose: 2 gummies per day
  • Easy to take
  • With orange flavor
  • Based on natural ingredients
  • Vegan, gluten -free and palm oil -free
  • Content: 60 pieces

2 gummies per day for adults.

(per daily dose of two gummies)

- Vitamin A: 750 µg re
- Vitamin D: 10 µg
- Vitamin E: 20 mg α-te
- Vitamin C: 40 mg
- Vitamin B3 Niacin: 10 mg NE
- Vitamin B: 2 mg
- Biotin: 10 µg
- Selenium: 20 µg
- β-carotene: 60 µg
- Lutein: 300 µg
- Lycopene: 300 µg



Glucosstrip, sugar, glucose, thickener: pectin (E440), vitamin E (dl - alfa - tocoferylacetate), acidic acid (E330), vitamin C (L -acorbic acid), antioxidant: sodium (e31) nicotinamide), carnaubawas (E903), vitamin A (retinyl acetate), β-carotene, selenium (sodium gingerbread), vitamin D (cholecalciferol), lycopene, vitamin B6 (pyridoxinehydrochloride), luteïne, luteïne, luteïne), luteïne, luteïne,

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