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Set Set The Psychedelic Card Game


 Prepare yourself for an extraordinary - and extraordinarily simple - tool for greater connection with people you know - or don't - and yourself. 


SetSet, a novel psychedelic card game, invites you to revisit and deepen your journeys using uniquely designed cards that inspire thought, make you laugh, and renew your sense of child-like play. Each of the 40 cards features vibrant artwork and colors that come alive (read: "trippy") as your journey deepens with prompts for actions, reflection, introspection, and play.


The cards have been designed to augment solo-traveler trips, 1:1 journeys with a guide, or with a larger group of friends or friendlies. The deck also features 4 instruction cards that outline gameplay variations for subsequent journeys. SetSet has been designed as a safe and playful way for a mixed group of friendlies to trip together - without bonding over more mundane topics typically circulating at dinner parties.


SetSet can also be used for "Set & Setting" work (wink, wink, SetSet), ahead of your trip (pre-trip), in-trip exploration, and integration work (post-trip).  By providing structure in the form of a card game, SetSet can also be used to reduce anxiety and, therefore, the potential “bad trip” experiences.

Make your next journey extraordinary with SetSet.

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