Amsterdam Truffles



Reishi has been frequently applied in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. A respected mushroom that is honored for its spiritual potential. The taste of Reishi can be perfectly combined with cocoa and creamy coconut. This allows you to experience the power of the travel hip seat in a completely different way.

Mix a full tablespoon (approximately 7 grams) with approximately 200 ml (vegetable) warm milk or water for one dosage. This mushroom flat from Mushrooms4Life is supplied in a luxury pot of 140 grams.

  • Reishi with cocoa
  • Delicious creamy taste
  • Reishi is often used by traditional Chinese medicine
  • 1000 mg Reishi per portion
  • Easy accommodating
  • A delicious, creamy taste
  • Organic and Vegan
  • Content: 140 grams

Ingredients: biological raw cocoa powder, biological coconut milk powder, biological reel extract powder, biological cinnamon powder, biological vanilla powder, sea salt.

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