Celebrating inclusivity and equality: Sitre and Amsterdam Pride Week

In a world where intimacy is often shrouded in taboos and stereotypes, Sitre, a Danish intimacy brand (and a recent addition to our store), emerged with a refreshing mission – to provide a more honest, inclusive, and caring approach to pleasure. Founded by Cecilie Hjelmager and Julie Herskin (pictured below), Sitre sought to challenge the norms surrounding intimacy and create products that catered to all sexualities, ages, genders, and bodies. This article explores how Sitre's ethos aligns perfectly with Amsterdam Pride Week, where the brand's commitment to diversity, visibility, and equality shines brightly.


Amsterdam Pride Week and Sitre's Alignment

Amsterdam Pride Week (August 1st - 8th), a celebration of diversity and equal rights within the LGBTQA+ community, perfectly mirrors Sitre's core values. The theme of this years Pride week #YouAreIncluded emphasizes the importance of visibility and unity among individuals and groups fighting for equal rights. Sitre's origin story reflects its need for a more inclusive approach to pleasure, breaking free from stereotypes that often make intimacy feel 'less,' 'wrong,' or 'unsexy.' By promoting an honest and mindful take on sexiness, Sitre wholeheartedly embraces the spirit of Amsterdam Pride week.


Inclusive Marketing and Outreach

Sitre's marketing strategy is an embodiment of its commitment to embracing all genders and intimate activities. Unlike traditional brands that often perpetuate harmful gender norms, Sitre's approach is refreshingly inclusive, portraying diversity in its models and messaging.

Sitre challenges societal taboos and fosters an environment of acceptance. Inclusivity isn't just a marketing gimmick for Sitre; it's embedded in the brand's DNA. Sitre proudly features a wide range of models and stories, ensuring that their products can be enjoyed by all members of the LGBTQA+ community and beyond. Their messaging emphasizes that pleasure knows no bounds and is for everyone. They even have created an editorial platform and use social media to tell honest and inclusive stories and interviews around pleasure. 


Brand Philosophy and Promoting Inclusivity

What sets Sitre apart from traditional intimacy brands is its unwavering commitment to promoting inclusivity and equality. Sitre's products are crafted with the utmost care and quality, working with leading experts in Denmark pioneering clean skincare. Their 95% natural ingredients, free from harmful substances like glycerin, parabens, or perfume, and 100% vegan formulation make Sitre products suitable for all individuals, irrespective of their unique identities.


Sitre's product range is designed to cater to diverse needs and identities, fostering an environment of inclusivity. Made in Denmark and dermatologically tested, these products are safe, pH-balanced, and allergy-friendly. What's more, Sitre's products are entirely safe to use while trying to conceive and during pregnancy, and they are compatible with toys, condoms, and are even safe enough to consume.


A final word

Sitre's journey began with a desire to change the conversation around intimacy and pleasure. By embracing inclusivity, equality, and ethical practices, Sitre has crafted a brand that encourages acceptance and celebrates diversity during Amsterdam Pride week and beyond. In a world where intimacy is often misunderstood and misrepresented, Sitre's commitment to providing high-quality products and a caring approach to pleasure is truly commendable. As we celebrate Amsterdam Pride week, let us support brands like Sitre that work tirelessly to make the world a more inclusive and accepting place for everyone.


To learn more about Sitre's product range, click here.