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About us

AmsterdamTruffles is born as a subdivision on WhenNatureCalls  as a consequence of several factors.

AmsterdamTruffles and When Nature Calls are the same exact store, but during the national lockdown we decided to split the core of our business into two main chunks.

AmsterdamTruffles was created during the national lockdown imposed by the dutch government to keep providing our psychoactive and psychedelic products to our costumers.

A second reason to create AmsterdamTruffles is related to online payments: unfortunately the online-payment world is not ready yet to let us accept your payments for certain products even if they are harmless and 100% natural.

When Nature Calls

When Nature Calls offers hemp extracts and cannabinoids based products. Our mission in this case is to select the best products around the world and bring them to Amsterdam where we can provide our costumer directly in our store (Keizersgracht 508h) and from where we ship our products around the world.

WhenNatureCalls was founded in 1998 as a smartshop on the corner between Leidsestraat and Keizersgracht were it can still be found today.

We are located at Keizersgracht 508H, a historical building that dates back to 1881 called “Sigarenmagazijn P.C. Hooft”.


Smartshops were called that way because originally they were meant to sell mind enhancing products, herbal stimulants supplements to get more focus or improve the memory.

Throughout the years the smartshops became more and more frequented by tourists for the obvious reason that in other country most of the products sold were illegal or very expensive.

WhenNatureCalls & AmsterdamTruffles have the mission to make natural products with beneficial powers available to the world, but also to inform the world how to use natural products effectively and safely.

We believe that nature has a fundamental role in our daily life, nowadays more than ever.


Our store

When Nature Calls

Keizersgracht 508H

1017EJ Amsterdam

Mon - Fri, 9am - 10pm
Saturday, 9am - 10pm
Sunday, 9am - 10pm

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