Meet the Truffles

In this guide, we'll address some commonly asked questions about our fresh psilocybin truffles to ensure you have the best experience possible. Simply click on a box below that matches your question.


Help, my truffles are white and fluffy!

You may have noticed that our psilocybin truffles sometimes develop a white fluff or mold. Don't worry; this is a sign of their freshness, not decay. The white fluff is called mycelium.  This phenomenon occurs due to temperature changes and a lack of gas exchange, which increases the CO2 content in the container.  


Mycelium also occurs because unlike some other brands, we choose not to vacuum-seal our psilocybin truffles. This decision is driven by our commitment to delivering the highest potency and effects to our customers. Vacuum-sealing can dramatically reduce the potency of the truffles and diminish the overall experience.



Mycelium is a crucial part of the life cycle of psilocybin truffles. It's a mass of thread-like structures (hyphae) that make up the vegetative part of the fungus. Mycelium serves several essential functions in the life of our truffles, including nutrient absorption and reproduction.


When you see this white fluffy mycelium forming on psilocybin truffles, it's a sign that the fungus is still alive and actively growing. Here's why this is perfectly harmless:


  • Indication of Freshness: Mycelium growth on the truffles indicates that they are fresh. This is because mycelium is a living part of the fungus, and when it's actively growing, it shows that the truffles are still in good condition.



  • Natural Process: Mycelium is a natural part of the life cycle of fungi. It's the stage that comes before the formation of fruiting bodies (such as mushrooms or truffles). When mycelium is present on truffles, it's essentially the same organism that produces the truffles themselves.


  • Harmless to Humans: The mycelium on the truffles is completely harmless to humans. It's not a pathogenic mold or harmful bacteria. 


  • Indication of Freshness: Mycelium growth is an indicator that the truffles have not been overly processed or dried to the point of deactivation. It's a sign that you have a living, active product.


If you don't want to consume mycellium,  it's common practice to shake or gently wipe off the mycelium from the surface of the truffles. This doesn't harm the truffles in any way.


In summary, mycelium growth on psilocybin truffles is a natural and harmless occurrence. It signifies the freshness and vitality of the truffles, making them suitable for consumption, provided you follow proper storage and handling guidelines.


How do I know if they are contaminated?

 Here are our go to tips to check whether your truffles are still able to be consumed; 



1.Before you consume them ensure that they have not been out of a fridge for longer than a week. Moreover if they have been stored in a fridge for longer than 7 weeks they are likely to have expired. Check the points below if you are unsure.


2. Check the color and texture: The color and texture of the magic truffles can be an indication of their quality. Fresh truffles should look light in color (brown, yellowish) with possible patches of green. Truffles that appear slimy, sticky, very dark color or have any coloured mould (white is perfectly normal and harmless)  indicate they have expired.


3. Smell: The smell of the truffles can also be an indication of the quality. Fresh truffles have an earthy smell and often don't really smell like anything, while poorer quality truffles can have an unpleasant smell such as fermentation / sourness. 



4. Check for mold: Check the truffles for mold or other contaminants. Truffles that contain coloured mold such as a green fluff are not safe to use. White fluff is perfectly harmless.


Still not 100% sure? no problem. Below you will find a gallery of healthy looking truffles (above) and a gallery of non-consumable truffles (below), it can make it easier to compare your truffles to these galleries.


I don’t know how to store them

Storing your psilocybin truffles properly is essential to maintain their quality. We recommend keeping them in the refrigerator (2-4º) with the lid securely closed. Outside the fridge, their shelf life is around five days, but inside the fridge, they can stay fresh for around 5-6 weeks. Ensuring they are sealed and isolated from other items in your fridge prevents contamination. Do not store in a freezer.


How do I consume them?


Step 1: Prepare


Make sure that whenever you take truffles it is on an empty stomach- at least three hours since your last meal. This is so that it can be best absorbed into the body. Avoid consuming food during the experience as this will lower effects.


Step 2: decide on dosage


A general dosage guide for fresh truffles is as follows: 


Microdose, 0.5- 3.5 grams: improved mood, greater focus and flow, creative ideas

Festival dose 3.5-5 grams: light euphoria, heightened emotions, light visual distortions 

Standard dose 7-10 grams: introspection, creative flow state, mild euphoria 

Moderate dose 12.5-25 grams: amplified emotions, altered visuals, new sense of meaning and  connection 

Megadose 30-50 grams: intense euphoria, mystical experiences, profoundly deep introspection

Heroic dose 50+ grams: extreme somatic awareness, ego dissolution, over powering visuals 



Step 3: Consuming the dose


To take the dose you can either chew it, make a tea or use a method called lemon tekking. We do not recommend swallowing the chunks directly. Below you will find instructions for each of these methods. 

If you want to chew them

Make sure you chew until you feel no more chunks- it should feel like a paste in the mouth, then swallow- if you are not a fan of the taste (you’re not alone there!) You can chew with a small amount of dark chocolate at the same time + some water to wash them down.

If you make a tea

Chop the truffle into very small pieces (the more surface area the better) and add to warm water and a tea bag, seep for 8 minutes then drink all the liquid, it is optional to swallow the little left over chunks. Avoid consuming sugar with the dose as this will lower the effects.

If you lemon tek

To create your own Lemon Tekking blend, grind your truffles into a fine paste / powder using a grinder or blender. Place the powder in a shot glass and ensure it's evenly spread out. a) Squeeze fresh lemon juice over the mixture, making sure to coat all the solids completely. You may need a second lemon to ensure full coverage. Fresh lemon juice is recommended for best results. b) Allow the mixture to sit for at least 15 minutes, stirring occasionally for even “cooking”. You can also use a shaker to let the citric acid do its job. c) For those extra prone to nausea, use a coffee filter or cheesecloth to remove truffle pieces from the fluid. Collect all the juice in a glass and discard the remaining material in a safe location. d) Your Lemon Tek blend is ready to consume, whether with or without the truffle paste / powder. Treat it like a shot and drink it all at once.


They weigh less than the label says


Because we do not vaccum seal our truffles to ensure they maintain the highest quality, it can happen that their weight changes. 

This is simply water evaporation. At the time of their packaging, they are weighed to the amount our label states. It is very normal that when the truffles get to you (a few days after they have been harvested) they weigh a little less, this does not affect the psilocybin content. 


Are they legal in my country?

It's important to note that while psilocybin truffles are legal in the Netherlands, the legal status of these products varies in different regions and countries. We urge all buyers and users to understand the legal situation in their area before purchasing or consuming our truffles. It's essential to be informed and responsible when engaging with our truffles.


Frequently asked questions

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