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High -quality Lion’s Mane Tinctures directly from Finland. Where most mushroom supplements come from China, grows and grows Kääpä Health all her mushrooms in the beautiful and clean Finland. 100% organic, pure and pure. The tinctures only contain the fruiting bodies and no grains or other fillers.

Made to be taken every day as a natural nootropic while studying and working for both focus and memory, and improving the mood. Our tinctures are powerful and biologically available double extracts with a high concentration of bioactive substances.

This product is available in 30 ml and 50 ml. Intake is to drip it under the tongue and then swallow. Also delicious through tea, coffee, smoothies or other (baking) recipes. In one bottle of 30 ml, one full pipette equals 0.6 ml. The maximum dosage per day is 2 ml.

Note: the tinctures are quite strong, so we recommend that you take a break of one week after every three months of use.

  • High -quality tinctures with only fruiting bodies
  • Concentration: 1000 mg per daily dose (16: 1)
  • No grains or fillers
  • Pure and pure. Straight from Finland
  • Ultrasone assisted extraction
  • Organic certified
  • Content: 30 ml
  • Delivered in a bottle with pipette
  • EAN number: 6430071310137

The product is made of mushroom fruit bodies
What is a fruiting body? The fruit body is the mushroom itself.

What is a Mycelium? You could compare Mycelium with the root system of a tree.

Fair mushroom products are made from fruiting bodies of mushrooms, which are rich in the interesting connections that are present in mushrooms.

Remark. Gemycelized grain products are also available on the market, these mainly contain starch from grains and only minimal quantities of active substances. These are more food products than nutritional supplements, although some of these products are marketed as mushroom supplements, they miss many of the beneficial connections.

Extraction ensures the biological availability of the connections
Kääpä HealthUse a leading ultrasonic assisted extraction (VAE) method, which breaks the hard chitin cell walls of mushrooms and releases active connections for use by the human body. Without an extraction process, several of the interesting connections found in mushrooms are not absorbed and go directly through the digestive system.

The mushrooms that are grown in Finland are the purest in the world
Finland has the cleanest air and the cleanest water in the world, as well as the world's largest surface (11.6 million hectare) biologically certified forest. The mushrooms that are used for Kääpä Health products grow in Finland and are grown on sustainable Finnish birch substrate.Kääpä Health Mushrooms are organic and they grow in the most optimal inner conditions that mimic the best natural growing conditions for medicinal mushrooms and the development of the highest potential of the important connections.



(Hericon Erinaceus)

-(1-3) (1-6) Beta-D-Glucans

Lion’s Mane*, Alcohol* (25%), Purified Water
* Organic certified

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