Mushroom4life Lion's Mane


The Lion's Mane [Hericium Erinaceus] is a creamy white mushroom that mainly grows on oak or beech trees. What makes this mushroom so special is the number of essential amino acids. This supplement contains full spectrum biomass and is grown on brown rice for extra maximum nutrients.

These compounds include beta glucans and other unique nutrients not found anywhere else in nature. Defend against daily stresses and stay focused and alert with a convenient and precise therapeutic dose of our organic Lion’s Mane mushroom capsules. Lion’s Mane is also known as the ‘Mountain Priest’ mushroom and revered by ancient medicine for its cognitive and nerve benefits. In Western medicine it is known as a nootropic for its psychoactive substances and ability to stimulate active nerve growth factors (NGF).It has a sweet and mild flavour, and in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it is considered to regulate the ‘Qi’ energy and promote digestion. It calms the ‘Shen’ spirit and soothes the mind.

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