Amsterdam Truffles

Growkit Ban Hua Thai


The Psilocybe Cubensis Ban Hua Thai was brought back by John Allen and –Clyde- by a sponsored trip to Thailand. These mushrooms are very popular in Thailand and a normal part of their culture. The original strain of the Psilocybe Cubensis Ban Hua Thai produced various results and had a rather “wild” grow. This strain is from the 3rd generation and produces much more stable flushes.

- Cultivation difficulty: Easy
- Substrate: Concentrated flour, dung, grains
- Potency: Moderate to potent
- Colonization time: 12 - 14 days
- Colonization temperature: 28 - 30 Celsius
- Fruiting temperature: 23 – 26 Celsius

Product contains:
- Brand-less Box
- Paperclip
- Fruiting Bag with Filter

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