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Below is an overview of the most important steps to microdosing. Want some more information? Check out our page on microdosing and it’s benefits. 

1. Taking the microdose 

Your micro dose will be better absorbed into the body when taken on an empty stomach, we recommend to take in the morning when you wake up or three hours after your last meal. 

2. Consuming the microdose 

To take the dose you can either chew it or make a tea. We do not recommend swallowing the truffle chunks directly. 

3. Wait before eating food 

After taking the micro dose, wait at least 30 minutes before eating food. 

4. Taking another micro dose 

We recommend to follow a routine designed by Dr. Fadiman, where you wait two days before taking another dose.

psilocybin microdosing routine schedule

 5. Be mindful and patient 

Microdosing is designed to give the user sub-perceptual effects, meaning it will not have the same effect on the body as a full dose of psychedelics, the effect is rather gradual over time. It can be helpful to keep some kind of diary to track the changes microdoses brings for you. It is also important to note that for some individuals it can take multiple doses before effects are noticed, and for others a single dose will produce noticeable effects, be patient when it comes to finding your 'sweet spot'. 


Any Psilocybe truffle can be used to microdosebut we generally recommend to use Psilocybe Tampenensis. This is a truffle that when used in a recreational manner causes a mind broadening trance during which the user often experiences deep philosophical thought. Users also often feel more creative and focused during their trance. Most importantly, there is a very low chance for experiencing visual hallucinations during recreational use. This means that if you accidentally take too much during your microdose, it won't cause any visual impairment.