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In the case of Psilocybe sclerotium (truffles) 10 grams is considered a standard dosage for recreational use. A microdose then would be 1 gram (10% of 10 grams). This one gram of truffle is best eaten on a empty stomach, preferably in the morning. Because you're only eating a single gram, it doesn't have any psychedelic effect. This means you won't find any hindrance to your daily functioning.

Each person has a different tolerance to psilocybin, and this is a very important concept to consider when it comes to microdosing, The “average person” micro-dose would weight 1 gram, but the same dose for somebody else would be noticeable at a psychoactive level which is not the intention when undertaking a microdosing routine, don’t forget that microdosing is meant to be sub-perceptional usage of psycedelics.


There are multiple possible microdosing routines, but we generally recommend the format designed by Dr. Fadiman. This means that after every microdose you take, you wait 2 days until taking the next microdose. This looks as follows:


psilocybin microdosing routine schedule


The reason we recommend this routine is to prevent building tolerance for psilocybin.

It is recommended to follow this routine for about 8 to 10 weeks. After that period it is recommended to take a temporary break from the microdosing for 4 weeks, so you can experience what kind of effect it had on your body and lifestyle. It also helps to prevent tolerance. After a short period you can begin again with your microdosing routine.


Any Psilocybe truffle can be used to microdosebut we generally recommend to use Psilocybe Tampenensis. This is a truffle that when used in a recreational manner causes a mind broadening trance during which the user often experiences deep philosophical thought. Users also often feel more creative and focused during their trance. Most importantly, there is a very low chance for experiencing visual hallucinations during recreational use. This means that if you accidentally take too much during your microdose, it won't cause any visual impairment.