In this guide, we'll address some commonly asked questions about our fresh psilocybin microdoses to ensure you have the best experience possible. In this guide we will cover:




  • How to start with microdosing
  • What things you should know before starting
  • How and when to consume the microdose
  • What kinds of kits we sell
  • Frequently asked questions





Before starting with microdosing it can really help to make it clear to yourself why you want to start, especially the; why, what, and how.  Below are some prompts to get you thinking...


Why do you want to microdose?

  • "I want to get better focus"
  • "I want to help my brain and body rest and relax"
  • "I want better sustained attention and memory"
  • "I want to integrate microdosing into my holistic wellness"


What does it ideally look like in your daily life?

  • More meaningful deep conversations
  • Higher memory retention
  • Increased creative ideas at work / study
  • Better regulated mood
  • Improved sleep quality and duration
  • More motivation and less procrastination


How can I check in to see if I am reaching my intention?

  • Journaling
  • Talking about the effects of microdosing with a friend
  • Analyzing it with AI
  • Meditation





Now that you have a clearer idea about why you are wanting to microdose and what you hope to get out of it, its time to learn our tips and tricks to getting started.



Choosing a protocol

There are many different protocols for microdosing. While we recommend the Fadiman protocol, you can always explore other routines. Read more about those here.


Choosing a strain

Any Psilocybe truffle can be used to microdose, but we generally recommend to use Psilocybe Tampenensis. This is a truffle that when used in a recreational manner causes a mind broadening trance during which the user often experiences deep philosophical thought. Users also often feel more creative and focused during their trance. Most importantly, there is a very low chance for experiencing visual hallucinations. This means that if you accidentally take too much, it is extremely unlikely to cause any visual impairment.


The importance of integration  

  • Be clear on your intentions: Set your intentions for your microdosing experience, such as enhancing creativity or reducing anxiety.
  • Avoid mixing substances: Avoid combining microdosing with other substances, including alcohol and recreational drugs.


There is no one size fits all approach 

The effects of microdosing vary person to person. Microdosing for many people does not yield immediate, dramatic changes. Some people expect instant results and become discouraged if they don't experience them. Due to the nature of microdosing, it is not going to produce altered states of consciousness, yet there are many things it continues to do “in the background”. Patience and a longer-term perspective are important. 





Step 1: Prepare

Make sure that whenever you take truffles it is on an empty stomach- at least three hours since your last meal. This is so that it can be best absorbed into the body. The most popular time to take a microdose is first thing when you wake up and then wait 30 minutes to eat. 


Step 2: decide on dosage

 The standard microdose is 1gram but it is not perfect for everyone, it is common for some users to do slightly less and others slightly more. It should always however be sub perceptual, meaning you should not conciously feel a microdose. 


Step 3: Consuming the dose

To take the dose you can either chew it, make a tea or use a method called lemon tekking. We do not recommend swallowing the chunks directly. Below you will find instructions for each of these methods. 


Chew: Make sure you chew until you feel no more chunks- it should feel like a paste in the mouth, then swallow- if you are not a fan of the taste (you’re not alone there!) You can chew with a small amount of dark chocolate at the same time + some water to wash them down.


Making a tea: Chop the truffle into very small pieces (the more surface area the better) and add to warm water and a tea bag, seep for 8 minutes then drink all the liquid, it is optional to swallow the little left over chunks. Avoid consuming sugar with the dose as this will lower the effects.


Lemon Tekking: To create your own Lemon Tekking blend, grind your truffles into a fine paste / powder using a grinder or blender. Place the powder in a shot glass and ensure it's evenly spread out. a) Squeeze fresh lemon juice over the mixture, making sure to coat all the solids completely. You may need a second lemon to ensure full coverage. Fresh lemon juice is recommended for best results. b) Allow the mixture to sit for at least 15 minutes, stirring occasionally for even “cooking”. You can also use a shaker to let the citric acid do its job. c) For those extra prone to nausea, use a coffee filter or cheesecloth to remove truffle pieces from the fluid. Collect all the juice in a glass and discard the remaining material in a safe location. d) Your Lemon Tek blend is ready to consume, whether with or without the truffle paste / powder. Treat it like a shot and drink it all at once.


Step 4: Wait to eat wait at least 30 minutes after consuming the microdose, this gives it time to absorb into the body and reduces the chances of nausea. 



  • While the evidence for the benefits of microdosing is increasing, it's essential to keep in mind that it is not a cure-all and should be utilised as an additional element to complement a healthy lifestyle


  • You should always consult with a medical professional before beginning 


  • Individuals who are currently taking medications, especially SSRIS are urged to consult their health care provider as there are can be increased risks for this demographic.


  • If you start to develop undesired side effects that are negatively impacting your life or others around you then it is advisable to stop microdosing


  • It is important to take regular breaks form microdosing to reduce your tolerance to psilocybin. We reccomend to do it once every 3 days for a maximum period of two months and then a two week break.





 Here at When Nature Calls we are big believers in personalised wellness; choosing supplements and protocols that suit your individual lifestyle best. Thats why we have carefully designed 7 microdosing kits so there is something for everyone.

Brain fitness 

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We understand that you may still have some questions about microdosing, we have got you sorted with our in depth and user friendly FAQ page. We also have a dedicated journal feed to microdosing. 

Cant find what you are looking for or need some extra assistance? Feel free to get in touch with us if you have further questions or need some more assistance.