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Brain Feed Choline


The world’s 1st 500mg Alpha GPC capsule containing 99% Alpha GPC*. The purest form of Alpha GPC. UK manufactured.

Alpha Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline is a potent form of the nutrient choline because it can cross the blood-brain barrier. Alpha GPC benefits cognitive function as It is the immediate precursor to the brain's chemical messenger acetylcholine which is released when conducting cognitive tasks such as memory retention or learning.


Ideal for;

Alpha GPC supplements are the ideal nootropic for anybody with a mentally strenuous role, students or professionals who are studying for exams or anybody looking for a vegan choline supplement. 


how it works;

Food derived choline and other forms of choline such as choline bitartrate cannot cross the blood-brain barrier alone. These forms of choline require a specific carrier mechanism that transports free choline across the BBB and only at a rate that is proportional to serum choline concentration 

Alpha GPC choline is an isolated nutrient that naturally occurs in the brain. It also freely crosses the blood-brain barrier to directly support acetylcholine production making it an ideal acetylcholine supplement.

  • Boosting choline levels can help to restore the bioavailability of acetylcholine 
  • Acetylcholine is essential for cognitive function, and it is essential for memory recall. Supplementation with Alpha GPC indicated an increase in brain function directly related to the healthy supply of acetylcholine



Alpha GPC (99%), mannitol, vegetable cellulose capsule (HPMC), silicon dioxide, Magnesium stearate, vitamin B12

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