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Columbian Rust Spore Print


This strain is a mutation of the Columbian strain, rather than producing a dark purple colour it gives a rusty golden colour. This strain is known for its fast growth and production of large mushrooms that often to fall due to their heavy weight. 



This strain offers a peaceful and often relaxing trip, making it a popular choice for shared experiences among friends and loved ones. Additionally, it tends to have a pronounced visual component, with visual distortions, vibrant colors, and intricate patterns being present.



  1. Incubation Phase: Create a nurturing environment between 24-27°C for spores to awaken and mycelium to flourish.
  2. Fruiting Phase: Transition to slightly cooler temperatures, around 21-24°C, and maintain proper air circulation and humidity

For more information on growing please refer to our grow guide. 



The spore prints offered on our webshop are intended for research, educational, and cultivation purposes only. We emphasize that the cultivation and use of these spores are subject to legal regulations in your jurisdiction. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with applicable laws.

Furthermore, we would like to highlight that individual results in cultivation and personal experiences can vary significantly. Factors such as growing conditions, techniques, and individual sensitivity may influence the outcome of your cultivation efforts and the effects experienced. 

We strongly encourage responsible and ethical use of these spore prints, always prioritizing safety, legality, and respectful practices. 

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