Amsterdam Truffles




It's time for better sex. Get in the mood and become playful with this powerful mix of L-arginine, Maca, tribulus + CBD. If you are going to do it, make sure it is good. Do not settle for less than oh oh ohhhhhs.

First in Europe we are happy to offer you these unique patches from Fleur Marché and to give the chance to experience it.



Place it and forget it. Patches are most effective when they are applied to your vein-like parts (we prefer the inner forearm). Can be worn up to 12 hours.

* Avoid direct and / or prolonged contact with water, as this can have a negative effect on the plaster glue.

Product details
Total CBD: 20 mg per patch *
Portion size: 1 patch

* You will see that the amount of CBD tested in the finished products can vary from the 20 mg that is on our label. Within 10% of what is on the label, experts are considered by experts in the cannabis industry as a "permitted amount of deviation" and in accordance with the standards proposed for medicinal cannabis products. Our products meet this standard, but it is important to be as transparent and accurately as possible with our customers.

Hemp grown in Santa Marta, Colombia
USDA certified organic
Ethanol extraction

Fleur Marché tests this end product for: 
- Potential (cannabinoid content)
- Pesticides
- Remaining solvents
- Heavy metals
- Microbiological contaminants


Cannabidiol extract from hemp (20 mg), L-arginine (2 mg), Maca (0.5 mg), tribulus terrestris (0.5 mg), cosmoperin (1%)

Fleur Marche standards
Every product is checked on the site through a thorough list of extract and product tests, analysis certificates and information about where the products are manufactured.

They have worked hard to provide clarity about the information you want and must know before you make a purchase. They give you all the information they have about every product. If they don't know something, they say that too.

They have done the research, the difficult questions asked, the products tested and only the best of the best chosen. They only sell products that they use their own enthusiastically.

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