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Growkit Mazatapec


The Mazatapec spore where collected bij de Mazatec indians near Huautle de Jimenez, Mexico. It’s a mushrooms used bij de Mazatec Indians for Shaman ceremonies, generally used to heal pain. The Mazatec Indiands using the Psilocybe Cubensis Mazatapec were the ones from Mexico  that helped make psilocybe mushrooms know to the world. The original name for this psilocybe mushroom was Mazatec but because of a mushroom hunter spelling it wrong it became Mazatapec. Only noticing this after a year, the online mushroom community already adopted the Mazatec as the Mazatapec.

- Cultivation difficulty: Easy
- Substrate: Dung, Straw, Various grains
- Potency: Moderate to potent
- Colonization time: 10 - 13 days
- Colonization temperature: 28 - 30 Celsius
- Fruiting temperature: 23 – 26 Celsius

Product contains:
- Brand less box
- Paperclip
- Fruiting Bag with Filter

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