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Happy Tea Dream Land


This herbal tea is intended to help you enrich the depth of your sleep. Dreamland contains ingredients that may improve your REM sleep and goes beyond just a good night's sleep. As the name speaks for itself, this tea can help you get the most out of an important part of our sleep: dreaming. Dreaming is considered a therapy by sleep specialists as it is believed to aid in emotional processing of information and overall mental health. Drink a cup before going to bed and enjoy a refreshing night's sleep.

Dreamland comes in a small tin with 5 portions.

Combined with: Blue Lotus, Magnolia Flower, Valerian Root, Honeybush, Reishi Mushroom, Vitamin B6, Hibiscus Dust, Verbena and Oregano.

Intention: Enrich the depth of your sleep

Taste: Spicy with dark floral and earthy notes

Comes with: one can containing 36 grams of powder, 5 servings (~7 g each)

Effects: Calming, sedative, improved REM sleep



Happy Tea blends are designed to be added to truffles, but on their own they do not contain psilocybin.

1. Determine the dose of truffle

Less than 1g = probably won't feel much

1g = can feel a little buzz

2g = will feel a slight buzz

3g = shared dose (2 people)

4g = shared dose (2-4 people)

2. Prepare a pot

Add your ground truffle to your tea bag (optional) and place it in a pot containing at least 500 ml of water.

3. Pour into cup(s).

After steeping for at least 5 minutes, serve 2-3 cups per person.


4. Refill or store

Add more water to the pot to steep again, or store the tea in the refrigerator for 3-4 days.

This product does not contain psilocybin

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