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Pax 3 Complete Kit. Avaliable only offline


Unfortunately we have to inform you that from 1 July 2023 it is forbidden to sell vaporizers online. Vaporiser devices may no longer be sold via a webshop. The NVWA supervises this prohibition. We can still sell this in our physical store And welcome you to a visit and a conversation with our expert employees. Below you will find the device specifications, do you have questions? Contact us.


Meet the complete kit

We love trilogies so the Pax 3 Complete Kit can hardly go wrong. First impressions say it all: this vaporizer looks great. Streamlined with curves and a polished aluminum shell. But looks aren't everything. The new heating element ensures even faster heating combined with a powerful battery: between 10 and 20 seconds. That's 30 seconds faster than the PAX 2!



With the PAX 3, you can vaporize both herbs and extracts. You can easily switch from herbs to concentrates with the included insert. Thanks to the specially designed oven lid, it's possible to create large clouds with smaller amounts of herb.



When the PAX 3 is ready for use, it vibrates. But the real innovation is the smart gesture control. The built-in accelerometer ensures the right amount of heat when you bring the PAX 3 to your lips. When you set it down again, the vaporizer cools off.



The PAX 3 works in conjunction with the PAX Vapor App (available on iTunes / Google Play). With the app, you can set the exact temperature and find your perfect heat setting. With the (optional) app, you can:

Set the temperature of the PAX 3 exactly Change the LED color themes Secure the device COMPLETE KIT We all love choices in life, don't we? That's why the new generation PAX 3 (fall 2017) is now available as a Complete Kit or Device Only. We only supply the complete kit online. If you're interested in the device only, just send us an email.

The Complete Kit is the best choice when you want to vape extracts and herbs with your PAX 3. The vaporizer comes with a large number of accessories: a charger, a maintenance kit, two mouthpieces, an insert for concentrates, a carrying case, multi-tool, standard oven lid, lid for half-filled oven, and three screens.

Important: all new versions of the PAX 3 have a matte finish.



PAX 3 vaporizer concentrate insert (1) charging cable + charging dock (1) maintenance kit (1) multi-tool (1) mouthpieces (2) oven lids (2) screens (3) WARRANTY The warranty period for all PAX 3 models is 10 years. Say that again? 10 years!

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