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Pax Mini New. Avaliable only offline


Unfortunately we have to inform you that from 1 July 2023 it is forbidden to sell vaporizers online. Vaporiser devices may no longer be sold via a webshop. The NVWA supervises this prohibition. We can still sell this in our physical store and welcome you to a visit and have a conversation with our expert employees. Below you will find the device specifications, do you have questions? Contact us.


The new PAX devices series has arrived!

Pax Mini and Pax Plus are the result of more than ten years of innovation. These next two generation PAX devices are made to get the best out of flowers and concentrates with patented temperature control that heats and never burns. 

Pax Mini Is the smallest pax so far, designed for fast and easy flower sessions en route.

Pax Mini is a vaporizer for dry herbs in pocket size that delivers a complete flower experience. You will enjoy more natural terpenes and cannabinoids without hard smoke and less wasted tops. With more than two hours of battery you can lift your sessions to a higher level, wherever you want. New design updates include a larger LED, soft matte finish and rounded edges, making it easier to hold the Pax Mini and get easier.

Just switch on and blow away

Pax Mini Heats in just 22 seconds to deliver high -quality vapor quickly. Without changing settings and with one simple button, the Pax mini is streamlined, advanced and also super easy. Simply pack, turn on and puffing to enjoy tasteful, more flowery hits almost everywhere.

Pax Mini Has a new oven design for more even heating and the 0.25 g size makes it the perfect size for solo flower sessions. A new 3D screen and a supplied steel brush make cleaning the Pax mini quick and easy.

More portable than a pipe

With a height of only 93 mm, the Pax Mini is the smallest pax vaporizer for dry herbs so far. The design in pocket size has a magnetic oven lid to load and keep your tops safe. You will enjoy clean hits and clean bags when you also take your flower sessions along the way.

Discretion meets sustainability

A big advantage of Pax Mini is that no smoke and considerably less odor is released than with traditional combustion methods. That means you can turn it on, take a trait and put it again to enjoy sessions almost everywhere you want. Pax Mini is also covered by a limited two -year warranty, so it is a device that also offers trouble -free peace of mind.

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