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Reishi Functional Mushrooms When Nature Calls


The power of our functional mushrooms lie in the pure, unprocessed, vegan and directly from the original source. The source where wisdom about mushrooms is born. Unspoilt, age -old forests of China. In the middle of these forests there are traditional mushroom farms where the art of growing generations has been perfected and passed on.The farms are far away from factories, cities and contaminated air. They are free with an optimal climate, clean air and soil. Become hereThe old methods of traditional Chinese medicine applied and respected.

Everything starts with the breeding of the mushroom, the basis of our functional mushrooms. Depending on the mushroom, a type of wood or natural breeding ground is chosen that meets the needs of the mushroom. Reishi is naturally grown on solid oak.

 After the mushrooms have reached their maximum potential, they are harvested and immediately dried. Drying is completely natural due to the exposure to sunlight or (for sensitive mushrooms) in a drying oven, so that the temperature can be controlled perfectly. To light these dry ovens, they use the mushroom nutrient nutritional soils used. This way nothing is lost and the quality remains guaranteed.

After the drying process, all mushrooms are checked by hand. Only the best mushrooms end up in the next phase in which they are processed into a supplement.

After the mushrooms are completely dried, they are ground toVery fine powder. This forms the basis for the further process, to the mushroom an easily absorbable together statement. The fine powder processed into an extract through hot water extraction. An extract is many times more concentrated than powder. They contain a higher concentration of polysaccharides. This process can take up to five to seven hours. The heat used during the production process is increased theBio availability, vital substances are released from the mushroom, which means that it takes less effort for the body to absorb the extract.

High bio-availability due to the slow growth of the fruiting body

In our products you will find nothing that is not natural. No chemicals, pesticides to speed up growth or synthetic odor, colors and flavors or preservatives.

The breeding ground for the breeding of the mushrooms is only used once. When the mushrooms have grown, they have absorbed all important nutrients from the soil. For the next party, a "fresh" composite natural breeding ground is used again. This bottom is again full of nutrients The residual material of the old breeding ground is not lost. This is used for combustion in the dry ovens. In this way nothing is lost to produce as sustainably as possible.


'Ling Zhi' or 'Divine Mushroom of Immortality': that's the Chinese name of this special mushroom. And that's not only because it's so colorful and beautiful, but also because its medicinal potential spans a wide spectrum of ailments and diseases.

Ganoderma originally grows in nature and has a preference for establishing itself on Prunus trees. It is found in the Far East, Europe and North America and has a preference for temperate and subtropical areas. Partly due to its hard shape and very bitter taste, the Ganoderma is unsuitable for normal consumption.

Ganoderma has 2 components that stand out: those are the polysaccharides
and the triterpenes. These polysaccharides and triterpenes have medicinal properties. Triterpenes are especially valued for their adaptogenic effect. In general it can be said that Ganoderma gives a huge boost to our immune system and to our self-healing capacity.

use; maximum 3x daily 2 capsules

contant 60 capsules.


(bronvermelding; medicinale paddenstoelen Peter van Ineveld)


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