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Reset Hair Recovery


During scientific research into Reset After drink and Reset Recovery, it was discovered that the added vitamins and amino acids also strengthen the hair follicle. That is why the Reset team has developed a powerful hair supplement based on reset recovery with zinc and an extra high dose of biotine. Reset Hair is a powerful two -component food supplement for daily use. It contains a unique combination of selected vitamins, nutrients and amino acids. Reset Hair ensures healthy and strong hair.


60 white capsules + 60 green capsules One can contains the hair supplement and the other is an activator. The ingredients in the activator can support the ingredients in the reset hair look. You need both, but the activator can is also used in other products to support the intended effect.



It is important to know that your body needs time to adapt to the nutrients from the vitamins. Therefore do not expect direct results such as with an aspirin, this takes time. In the first month your body is mainly busy getting used to the new vitamins. The first effects will be noticeable by the end of the second month. Only after 90 days will you really start to see the benefits and notice what the vitamins do for your body. It is important to take the vitamins daily for optimum results.

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