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Treasure Coast Spore Print


The Treasure Coast strain's origin traces back to the enchanting shores of Florida's coastline. It was discovered nestled among the natural beauty of the region, where mycology enthusiasts stumbled upon its unique attributes. As the strain journeyed from nature to cultivation, its allure continued to captivate, ultimately becoming a treasure to share with cultivators and explorers alike.



  1. Incubation Phase: Foster growth in a cozy environment around 24-27°C for spores to germinate and mycelium to flourish.
  2. Fruiting Phase: Transition to slightly cooler temperatures, approximately 21-24°C.

For more information on growing please refer to our grow guide. 



 Embrace the captivating effects of the Treasure Coast strain: Curiosity flourishes, senses heighten, and introspection finds its canvas. Embark on an exploration of altered perceptions, uncovering treasures within and beyond.


Important Safety Warning

The spore prints offered on our webshop are intended for research, educational, and cultivation purposes only. We emphasize that the cultivation and use of these spores are subject to legal regulations in your jurisdiction. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance with applicable laws.

Furthermore, we would like to highlight that individual results in cultivation and personal experiences can vary significantly. Factors such as growing conditions, techniques, and individual sensitivity may influence the outcome of your cultivation efforts and the effects experienced. 

We strongly encourage responsible and ethical use of these spore prints, always prioritizing safety, legality, and respectful practices. Educate yourself and make informed decisions. If you are uncertain or have questions, consult a medical professional. Psychedelic experiences can be profound and transformative, but safety and responsibility are paramount.

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