The surprising benefits of combining microdosing and AI

 Microdosing is inherently progressive and disruptive, with many microdosers being out-of-the-box thinkers, go-getters, and the first to be hungry for new innovations. On this line of thinking, using AI could just be another ingredient to this psychedelic renaissance cocktail.


Microdosing has been gaining popularity as a means to unlock creativity, enhance productivity, and promote overall well-being. It involves taking small, sub-perceptual doses of psychedelics like LSD or psilocybin, with the goal of harnessing their benefits without the full-blown hallucinogenic effects. Users report increased focus, heightened senses, and a general sense of heightened awareness during their microdosing experiences.


The Synergy of Microdosing and AI
True to the progressive nature that surrounds microdosing, is the integration of AI technology. let's explore that. Imagine this scenario: you're on your daily walk, maybe a commute home, while on the treadmill of even winding down for bed. As you move, mediate or take a mindful moment a stream of ideas starts flowing into your mind. Perhaps it's a creative solution for a work project, the seed of a new hobby you want to start, or simply insights into your life goals.


These bursts of creativity and insight are actually a neural phenomenon tied to the psilocybin quieting down of the Default Mode Network (DMN) in the brain. To make the most of these moments we can turn to AI for help. 


There's an app called Otter that can turn your spoken words into text. As you walk and those brilliant thoughts flow, you can simply voice them out loud, allowing you to capture every idea, no matter how fleeting. Later, you can take this text and paste it into ChatGPT, an AI-powered text analysis tool.


Understand your thoughts with ChatGPT

With ChatGPT at your disposal, you can harness the immense power of AI to further refine and expand upon your microdosing insights. ChatGPT can help you identify common themes in your thoughts, suggest actionable steps to bring your ideas to life, and even offer valuable perspectives you might not have considered.


Here are some prompts you could use:

  • Summarize and distill my thoughts
  • Identify recurring themes
  • Suggest actionable steps
  • Explore creative angles
  • Generate new ideas
  • Provide a different viewpoint
  • Analyze potential obstacles
  • Connect the dots
  • Offer insights from related fields
  • Set priorities


Conclusion: The Future of Microdosing and AI
The integration of microdosing and AI offers a unique synergy, allowing individuals to amplify the benefits of their microdosing experiences. It enables us to harness the profound insights gained during moments of heightened creativity and combine them with the analytical power of AI to drive innovation, personal growth, and problem-solving.


As the psychedelic renaissance continues to evolve, the possibilities of combining microdosing and AI are virtually limitless. Embrace this innovative approach, and you'll find yourself on the cutting edge of personal development and creativity, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in both your professional and personal life.

So, the next time you microdose, consider AI as an extra aid to get the most out of it.