Amsterdam Truffles

Activity microdosing kit


Are you microdosing to aid you in (competitive) sports, activities or just to feel generally more energetic? Try out our activity microdosing kit, including a jar of cordyceps mushroom capsules and vitamin B12!

10 gram of Tampenensis.
60 capsules Cordyceps 30 grams (0.5 per capsule).
30 capsules liposomal vitamin B12 30.000 MCG (1000 per capsule).

As a medicinal mushroom, Cordyceps is honored as an all-round adaptogen rich in Cordycepin. It is well known for increasing your oxygen uptake and energy levels. It can help with fatigue and boost your physical performance.

Liposomal Vitamin B12:
Liposomal vitamin B12 is a product that has been developed to increase the level of vitamin B12 in your body. This product contributes to normal energy-supplying metabolism, normal functioning of the nervous system and reduction of fatigue.

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