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Microdosing Self Kit

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Microdosing Self Kit



This kit is intended for:

✔ Those who want to measure out their microdose on their own

✔ Increasing brain functioning

✔ Optimising study and work

✔ Facilitating the nervous system 

✔ Increasing mindfulness

✔ Reducing stress and emotional complaints


This kit contains:

  • 10 grams of fresh truffles (see more information about Psilocybe Tampanensis here), 100% organic, ready for consumption
  • Precision scale 100g x 0.01 gram to weigh truffles (batteries not included)

How to use this kit:

Dosing: Each person has a different tolerance to psilocybin; a very important concept to consider when it comes to microdosing, The “standard” micro-dose is 1 gram, but for some this dose may be noticeable at a psychoactive level (not the intention when undertaking a microdosing routine) or it may not be enough. It is important to find your sweet spot; find the quantity that works best for you- curious how to do this? Check out this page on tips, tricks, and precautions. 

If you don’t know your micro-dose weight we recommend taking your first micro-dose on a free day and seeing what happens, if you feel that your perceptions is slightly too noticeable then remember to reduce the truffles intake for the next micro-dose.

Routine: We recommend following the Doctor Fadiman routine in which you take a micro-dose every 3 days as shown below:

This is a recommended protocol as it helps to lower the rate at which you build a tolerance- meaning you can microdose for longer without having to have a reset. With this protocol you can microdose for 6-8 weeks, after which it is recommended to have at least a two week break to give the brain and body enough time to reset to a baseline tolerance.

For step by step instructions on microdosing, click here

Storing the microdoses: The truffles that you will receive are still fresh, you can safely store them in your fridge for 6-8 weeks (usually even longer). Because the truffle is a fresh product and needs oxygen to stay at its best, we do not sell vacuum-seal truffles in order to keep them fresh and of a higher quality for you. It can happen that a white fluff / mold does grow on the truffles. This white fluff is completely harmless and actually healthy, it is simply new mycelium that is trying to regrow the truffle. Mycelium is actually very healthy - it contains all the essential amino acids. It also includes a sufficient supply of fiber, B vitamins, iron, zinc, and low cholesterol content.



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