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Sleeping Microdosing kit


Are you microdosing for a better night's rest? Try our Sleeping Microdosing Kit, including Reishi and customizable with Vitamin D and Iron supplements!

10 gram Tampanensis.
60 Capsules Reishi 30 grams (0.5 gram per capsule)
*30 capsules liposomal vitamin D3 750 MCG (25 per capsule)
*30 capsules liposomal iron (Ferro(II)-Sulfate) 300mg (10mg per capsule)
Items marked with a * can be added and are not standard included in the default package.

As a medicinal mushroom, Reishi is known as the immortality mushroom. It's a mushroom full of nutrients and antioxidants which can have a calming effect and help with stress. It is a mushroom known to aid with sleeping, supporting a higher-quality sleep. People who use Reishi regularly report falling asleep faster and sleeping deeper.

Liposomal Vitamin D3:
Liposomal vitamin D3 is a product that has been developed to increase the level of vitamin D3 in your body. Vitamin D3 is one of the most common nutrient shortages. A shortage of vitamin D3 can have a negative effect on your sleep quality. This can particularly be an issue in the winter months when we are less likely to produce sufficient vitamin D3 through sunlight exposure. Studies have shown that people with a shortage of vitamin D3 tend to have more sleep disturbances and reduced sleep duration.

Liposomal Iron:
Liposomal Iron is a product that has been developed to increase the level of iron in your blood. A shortage of iron can induce feelings of restlessness in your legs, making you have an urge to move your legs as you are lying down. This makes falling asleep more difficult. A shortage of iron can also increase feelings of anxiety which has a negative effect on sleep.

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